HBH Consultants is in a phase of evolution.

With the passing of Founding Partner and Principal, Bob Bunger, many of the services offered by HBH Consultants are now available through Vela Strategy—a new organizational development firm co-founded by Katrina Pierson and Christa Otteson. Both Dianne McCarthy and Amy Nord of HBH Consultants have joined Christa and Katrina, along with several nonprofit specialists, to form a constellation of support at Vela Strategy.

If you are seeking organizational development services, we invite you to visit Vela Strategy.com to learn more about their team and explore if Vela is a fit for you.

We have also created a memory board to honor the legacy of Bob Bunger. If you knew Bob, we encourage you to share your story about how his leadership and friendship impacted you and your work.

Bob Bunger Memory Board

Questions? Contact Katrina Pierson at (320) 293. 8388 or Katrina@velastrategy.com